When Will Numerical Wave Tanks Replace Physical Testing?
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Mirjam Furth

Proponents of numerical towing tanks have long expected that they will overtake and even fully replace physical model testing. Yet 123 years after Michell published his paper on Thin Ship Theory, experimental testing tanks are still an integral part of the offshore design process. This talk focuses on the current state of the art of numerical modelling. Benefits such as the ability to model a wide range of designs, low capital investment and man-hours required as well as low turnaround time for results are well known. However, clearer direction regarding the accuracy and industry readiness is needed. In short: what models can be used when, and how do they hold up against data from experimental testing? It is easy to assume that experimental testing is more accurate due to its longer usage history and the ability to capture complex physical phenomena without resorting to assumptions about the flow. While this is true, scaling effects between tank models and their real applications are still non-trivial. Experimental facilities in the U.S. are also declining in numbers and are not updated with new technologies at the same rate seen in Asia and Europe. Does this mean that the U.S. is slipping globally; or could it just mean that we are ahead in the shift towards increased numerical tank usage? The talk will finish with a discussion on upcoming advances in numerical towing tanks and recommendations on how academia can push the envelope in a direction that is useful and applicable to direct industry usage.

Location Name
Hall A