Carbon Intensity Management Framework
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Mandie Bosch Kathy Sharp

Chevron Gulf of Mexico’s Carbon Intensity Management (CIM) Strategy Framework was developed to provide a systematic methodology to annually assess greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity at its operated assets and generate an inventory of GHG mitigation opportunities. The Framework provides guidance on how to benchmark GHG intensity against external and internal peers. A cross-functional team was assembled (Operations, FE, Reliability, Maintenance, Wells, Logistics, MCP, and Strategy and Planning) to review the GHG data and brainstorm mitigation opportunities. The framework includes criteria to prioritize the list of GHG mitigation opportunities to focus on the most promising opportunities. Timing is aligned with the corporate funding cycle. The general CIM Strategy Framework Workflow: 1.Idea Origination 2.Idea Prioritization 3.Idea Framing and Decision 4.Funding Approval & Kick-off 5.Project Execution 6.Project Updates GHG Mitigation Categories include Energy Efficiency, Methane Emission Reduction, Flare Reduction, CCUS, Carbon Intensity Reduction, Renewable Energy, Other.

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Hall A