Session 4 - Technology: Risk Based Inspection for Topsides Structures in the Digital Era
Date & Time
Thursday, October 7, 2021, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Rolf Eide

Many industrial practices recommend a fixed prescriptive inspection plan for topside structures, e.g. annual visual examination of above-water structures based on API-RP-2SIM. A joint industrial project published in 2004 by MSL Engineering showed that annual visual inspection may fail in detecting degradation which can result in failures of ageing structures. ISO 19901-9 proposes Structural Integrity Management (SIM) of offshore structures including guidance to perform Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) for topside structures. The JIP results and the topside SIM are mainly based on failure susceptibility assessed on historical inspection data for GoM platforms. The main advantages of RBI planning as a part of the SIM strategy are: •Focus on critical structures with respect to risk and reduce the effort applied to low risk structural components/regions. •Outline a consistent approach for evaluating criticality through risk by simultaneous consideration of likelihood and consequence of failure. •Capability to feed the survey data into digital applications for updating the criticality/risk of the structure continuously. •Safeguarding the structure with less effort to cope with authorities’ safety requirements. The aim of the presentation is to discuss the benefits of RBI planning as a part of SIM policy and how it has been implemented as a methodology for systematically ranking structural elements/areas based on their risk levels. The methodology is semi-quantitative, made for large-scale topside structural systems under various limit states (ultimate, accidental, fatigue, and serviceability) and degradation mechanisms (e.g., effect of corrosion and fatigue crack growth). Theory behind quantitative risk assessment will also be briefly explained with a real-life example. Examples of the RBI planning performed will be given in more detail from platforms in operation. Finally, integrating the risk-based inspection methodology into a digitalized and data-driven interface will be outlined and its development progress will be reported.

Location Name
Moody Hotel Ballroom Salons A-D