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Creighton Jones
Job Title
Advisory Board ChairmanMCP Operations Manager, GOMBU
Creighton Jones is the Major Capital Projects Operations Manager in GoM Business Unit for Chevron Corporation. He has been with Chevron for over 33 years. He has work 15 years in the GoM in various positions - Genesis Spar, Gemini Subsea Wells tie-back, HES Champion and various operations positions. He as 18 years of overseas experience in Major and Small Capital Projects in Kazakhstan, Australia, and Nigeria Business Units.

Creighton has worked in projects during Phase 2-5 during alternative selection, design engineering, construction and fabrication yard in South Korea, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up phases and into steady state operations. His focus is to ensure MCPs designs are fit for purpose which provide the optimal uptime during the facility’s operational life span.

Creighton has a degree in Petroleum Technology from University of Southwestern Louisiana.
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Creighton Jones