Full Name
Jennifer Osterhaus
Job Title
Business Advisor for Sr. VP of GoM & Canada
Jennifer Osterhaus has worked for BP for over 19 years, mostly in support of deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. She currently manages the Health, Safety, Environment, and Carbon team to ensure safe, compliant, and low carbon operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Canada. Previously, Jennifer held operations and engineering leadership roles on the Thunder Horse and Mad Dog platforms as well as on a central Engineering Team in the Gulf of Mexico.

On the Thunder Horse and Mad Dog platforms, Jennifer linked the onshore and offshore operations, managing process safety and defect elimination activities, and providing overall prioritization and oversight to all activities on the assets' complex schedules.

On the Engineering team, Jennifer managed the technical work in the Process, Process Safety, and Mechanical disciplines working closely with discipline experts to solve technical problems across BP’s fleet. Jennifer has a strong passion for process safety and led the region's process surveillance program for many years.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and 3 children.
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Jennifer Osterhaus