Engineered Composite Repairs to Corroded Deck Plating; Engineering, Testing, and Inspection
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Peter Hopkins Gareth Urukalo

Shell has initiated a pilot program to test the resiliency of a composite structural repair system with the ultimate goal of using it for deck plate repairs on offshore structures in the Shell Gulf of Mexico portfolio. We would initially be targeting applications where the deck plate / repair system can be shown to not be critical to global stability, and where weight is a consideration. The proposed repair methodology has been developed to provide a safe and functional repair while minimizing offshore man-hours, POB, and operational impacts. Plated deck areas tend to be highly redundant and capable of sustaining significant section loss without compromising the global integrity of the structure. As a result, the composite repair would be designed to resist locally applied deck loads (both uniformly distributed as well as concentrated loads), but would not address global lateral loads induced from environmental effects, other than applying a small in-plane stress to account for these loadings. This presentation will describe the work done to date preparing to pilot the repair methodology in an onshore setting in preparation for the offshore installation. This will include discussion of concept selection philosophy, engineering design philosophies, full scale proof of concept testing, application assurance and inspection process validation.

Location Name
Hall A