DWO: Riser-based Gas Lift Installation Challenges, Triumphs and Lessons Learned
Date & Time
Thursday, November 10, 2022, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Chet Molbert

Starting in early 2020 OXY’s Marlin team looked for ways to enhance the production rates from the Dorado field and looked to riser-based gas lift as the most efficient means to enhance production. Over the next 19 months of planning the team would be tested by the rise of the COVID pandemic, platform constraints, winter weather conditions, regulatory approvals and the unexpected operational challenges. The challenge posed by this project was to install coil tubing down the riser which sits on the platform’s pontoon 60 feet underwater. This would require coordinated efforts between the construction team on the facility and the divers and ROV operations onboard the MSV. The offshore campaign would present many challenges to the project that would pull together team members across all disciplines of the organization and companies to find solutions that could takes weeks if not months to plan but were able to pull it together in a matter of days. Along the way the team capture vital lessons learned for future projects to come. In the end the project would account for 37 days offshore completing the installation, just under 59k man hours with zero recordable or first aids to result in significant production uplift and a short payout period.

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Hall A