DWO: A Journey in Implementing Well Operating Envelopes in Deep Water
Date & Time
Thursday, November 10, 2022, 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Juan Anguiano

A journey in implementing well operating envelopes from developing them to operationalizing them in the field. Offshore wells are complex and subsea wells are in themselves even more complex, the way we operate them has a direct impact on the longevity of the well and productivity. Focus on well integrity is key in identifying the health of the well and can inform how to operate the well within an acceptable risk tolerance to a failure occurring during the intended operational life of the well. Historically, in industry general practice and sheer experience from unintended or unexpected events in wells have led to multiple limits introduced for a multitude of reasons from maintaining competent sand control to managing known well issues in the well construction. These limits have tended to be applied at discrete moments in the life of a well for many reasons and only tend to be fully looked at all together at the same time after a failure has occurred or an unwanted issue or event has developed. At which time reviews of well histories and construction design most times reveal weaknesses in the well that were not initially perceived to be impactful have in turn resulted in detrimental outcomes that translate to direct future production curtailments or even failures of the well system. The development of operating envelopes is not new for well equipment and reservoir sands to name a few, the integration, of these limits into one envelope to then operationalize in a simple manner is key here. Granted every operator is going to have an opinion and philosophy on how to best operate their well stock based on their experiences and objectives that are needing to be delivered at that time. In this presentation we will outline how our journey was started down the operating envelope journey and will go over key well failures and integrity issues that re-enforced the need to develop and implement operating envelopes for our well stock and made them a tool that is used by the organization to manage our well stock and inform the delivery our targets.

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Hall A