DWO: BP’s Dynamic Digital Twin: The Future of Subsea Operations or Just a Fancy 3-D Model?
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 3:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Casey Yaw

The Mad Dog 2 development consists of BP’s 5th floating production unit in the Gulf of Mexico with subsea wells at 6,000 feet water depth, set to start production in 2021. With BP’s growing portfolio of subsea wells and focus on remote operating, there is a now a need to make decisions more accurately and efficiently than ever before. BP’s Mad Dog 2 dynamic digital twin will be the tool that begins this more efficient way of working and will help us meet that challenge. This presentation will focus on the definition of a dynamic digital twin and how it will aid BP in operating the Mad Dog 2 facility and subsea equipment. BP’s subsea operations engineers will have complete access to a 3-D model of the field from reservoir to semi-submersible. Also, they will have instant access to real time data, subsea simulations, drawings, and equipment design information. This information is currently available today, but in multiple locations and programs across BP. This creates a disconnect and increased workload for engineers. Therefore, having a “one stop shop” of information sets the stage for building BP's future for more quality executions, better operating decisions, and higher integrity of the subsea equipment. The dynamic digital twin is a powerful tool that can be utilized across all parts of the energy industry and this presentation will demonstrate how that is possible.

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Hall A